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Embrace the charm of the season with our enchanting collection of rabbit figurines, each bringing a unique slice of spring. From the “Twilight Gardener Rabbit Figurine” to the “Celestial Farmer Bunny Statue,” these whimsical creatures are dressed in their spring best, holding lanterns and tokens of the season like eggs and carrots. Their soft, pastel clothing and tender expressions capture the heartwarming spirit of spring, making them perfect for Easter displays or as cheerful decor throughout the season.

  • Supplier’s item No. EL23116/EL23117/EL23118/EL23119
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 20x16x47cm/24x17.5x48cm/23x17x47cm/25x17x49cm
  • Color Multi-Color
  • Material Resin / Clay Fiber
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    Supplier’s item No. EL23116/EL23117/EL23118/EL23119
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 20x16x47cm/24x17.5x48cm/23x17x47cm/25x17x49cm
    Color Multi-Color
    Material Fiber Clay / Resin
    Usage Home and Garden, Holiday, Easter, Spring
    Export brown Box Size 52x36x52cm
    Box Weight 13kgs
    Delivery Port XIAMEN, CHINA
    Production lead time 50 days.



    As the first blossoms of spring begin to bloom and the days grow warmer, our collection of rabbit figurines offers a charming celebration of the season's renewal and joy. Each of the eight figurines in the collection brings its own story and character to life, inviting smiles and a touch of wonder into your home or garden.

    The "Twilight Gardener Rabbit Figurine" is ready to tend to the evening blooms, lantern in hand, while the "Springtime Harvest Bunny Statue" suggests a successful day spent in the vegetable patch. The "Easter Egg Trail Rabbit Sculpture" is the perfect guide for any festive egg hunt, and the "Carrot Patch Pals Bunny Figurine" is a sweet nod to the shared joys of gardening.


    As dusk settles, the "Lantern Light Rabbit Ornament" casts a gentle glow, ensuring the magic of spring lasts well into the night. The "Floral Bonnet Bunny Decor" celebrates the beauty of spring florals with its decorative headwear, and the "Bountiful Basket Rabbit Figure" is a tribute to the abundance of the season. Lastly, the "Celestial Farmer Bunny Statue" stands tall, a sentinel watching over the night's sky.

    Measuring approximately 23x17x47cm, these statues are perfectly sized to be focal points without overpowering a space. They are ideal for personalizing your springtime decor, whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to your garden, balcony, or indoor Easter setting.

    Made from durable materials with a keen attention to detail, these rabbit figurines are crafted to be as enduring as they are endearing. They're suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings, able to withstand the elements while maintaining their charming appearance.

    These figurines are more than just decorations; they are bearers of the joy and spirit of spring. They remind us to cherish the new beginnings, to find beauty in growth, and to celebrate the simple pleasures that each day brings.

    Invite these delightful rabbit figurines into your home or garden this spring and let them bring the enchantment of the season to your doorstep. With their soft pastels, tender expressions, and nighttime lanterns, they promise to be a heartwarming addition to your seasonal decor. Contact us to discover how you can bring this whimsical spring charm into your space.


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